Chic Two-Storey Loft on Lower Yates

This loft used to be dark and gloomy, with grey paint, poor lighting, and a layout that felt crammed. Our team meticulously measured the space and designed a unique layout that now features a dining nook, reading corner, and bar where none existed before - all while making the space feel more open. This chic loft now welcomes guests looking for a relaxing, stylish space in the heart of the city.

Nightly Rate

$180 - $250

Annual Revenue


Avg. Occupancy



A rather unique floorplan - the washrooom is in the centre of the unit, with the living area off to one side. The owner’s previous layout made the space feel crammed, with underutilized space (like the nook under the stairs).

Our Solution

Our designers replaced the large sectional with a smaller pull-out sofa* and a cosy accent chair, slightly tucked under the stairs with a reading lamp. We also created a dining nook with swivel chairs, so guests can swivel into the living room or dining room - practical AND fun! Finally, we mounted a 55” TV on the wall to avoid the need for a console table, freeing up more space in the living area.

*Room for extra guests means room for extra revenue

Every space we create is one-of-a-kind, with a theme tailored to not only the space we are designing for, but the target market that space is likely to attract. This space is located in the heart of the city, on beautiful and funky Lower Yates Street. We knew this location was perfect for travelers looking to experience the charm of Victoria, so our theme for this space was “west coast island vibes”. We wanted to create a tranquil oasis for guests to return to after a long day of city exploration.

Guest Reviews

Real reviews from real people. See for yourself.

I cannot say enough about how perfect this suite is! The host was excellent - he was very fast at communicating and most helpful with any questions I had. The suite was an absolute dream- the amount of space was perfect, the decor was STUNNING and everything was clean and comfortable (I truly did not want to leave)!

Shantal | Victoria, Canada

Our stay out this loft was absolutely incredible. The location was perfect, and close to great bars, restaurants, and a short walk to shopping and all the attractions. We loved the decor - super stylish, and included everything you could want. The host was great and everything was well taken care of. Instructions on parking, how to access the loft, and use of the amenities were well-explained and much appreciated. We highly recommend this stay to anyone!

Laurens | Abbotsford, Canada

We’ve been to many Airbnbs, but this home really stood out. From the moment we walked in the door, we felt like we were at home. The lovely decor, furniture, and thoughtful amenities made for an excellent stay. One thing we especially loved was on our first night, we fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the skylight, just above the bed. We will be sure to make this as a favorite and return in the future.

Colin | Vancouver, Canada

We were lucky enough to spend our last Christmas of the decade at this beautifully timeless loft. Full of character, clean and cozy we felt right at home. Perfectly located to all the goodies of downtown Victoria we had an amazing time. We were blown away by the decor and thoughtful touches. This is the ultimate place to be. We both hope to return this summer. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to host a cozy and memorable Christmas this year.

Rachel & Erik | Vancouver, Canada