It's all in the details

A common problem with most vacation rentals? No love in the space! We’ve noticed that many owners (or their property managers) focus on the big items - the bed, the coffee table, the couch - but forget about the little things that make all the difference.

We get it - you run out of time, money, or energy - that’s where we come in. We are experts at designing and styling spaces with meticulous attention to detail, so every corner gets the love it deserves. This means memorable experiences for your guests, and more returns for you.


Most owners budget for the big items in their space, but forget about the little things.

For example, they budget for the bed, but forget about the box spring, 2 duvet covers, 3 sheet sets, the mattress protector, etc. Or they budget for the couch, but forget about the throw pillows, the cozy blanket, the stylish lamp.

This can mean no budget leftover for the little things, resulting in a space that feels impersonal, cold or bare.

Our Solution

When we design for our clients, we offer a flat rate fee based on the size of their space. This means our clients know exactly how much the furniture and styling will cost, while we take care of the details. It’s up to us to make the space work within the budget, so no surprises for the client. Our years of experience allow us to stay within budget, while ensuring the space includes all the little touches that make guests feel special, like:

  • Spices
  • Oft-forgotten kitchen tools
  • Cozy blankets
  • Classic and modern boardgames
  • Local coffee and tea

Guest Reviews

Real reviews from real people. See for yourself.

The host thought of everything you might need–including such delights as lovely locally made shampoo and soap, great coffee and herbal tea. Truly unique spot, book it now! Hope to visit again soon.

Cal | Hamilton, Canada

… It was such an awesome little air bnb. It looked exactly like the photos, was impeccably clean, and had so many little touches and details that added to our experience

Brenna | Abbotsford, Canada

This was perfect for our quick shopping trip in Victoria. The location is amazing and the host thought of everything for the place. Very charming, cute details. We would definitely stay again!

Brichelle | Campbell River, Canada

… You can tell that great care went into setting the place up. It contains so many little touches that truly make it stand out, like the leaf tea choices, a superb spice rack for your home-cooked meals, a set for making your own cocktails, board games, and many others …

Mikhail | Surrey, Canada