One-of-a-kind design, unforgettable experiences

When designing a space, we strive to create a stylish, cosy environment that stands out from the crowd. In some spaces this means we design to highlight the great features of the space, while in others this means actually creating a feature where none existed before. So whatever your space, our designers have you covered and will make it one-of-a-kind.


This space had an upper loft area with an ugly water heater and vents, making it feel like an industrial crawl space. It was also only 4.5 feet tall, making it feel crammed.

The ground floor felt clunky due to green paint on the walls below the loft, which highlighted the boxyness of the kitchen.

The hallway also had nothing to differentiate it from the living area, making the entrance feel like a long hallway rather than an entryway.

Our Solution

Our designers saw the potential of this awkward upper loft, and turned it into a boho-chic treehouse. They layered plush carpets, hid the vents with rope and lace, and hid the water heater with a velvet headboard. They also used a king-size bed to make the space feel luxurious and minimize time spent crouching. Finally, they made a custom bedframe from pallets to ensure the bed was as low as possible, making the space feel taller.

Downstairs they painted the green walls white to make the space feel airy and taller. They also painted the grey railings black to give them a modern feel.

Finally, they differentiated the hallway from the living area with a custom mountain mural, which gradually slopes up into the living area, highlighting the space’s beautiful 12 foot ceilings while creating a green backdrop to the living area without the space feeling dark.

Guest Reviews

Real reviews from real people. See for yourself.

The decor and aesthetic of the loft is beautiful. AMAZING. …

Sidnie | Delhi, Canada

The place is masterfully styled with a designer’s eye, the welcome and cozy feeling gusts you the moment you open the door. …

Mikhail | Surrey, Canada

The design and décor are stunning, and made us love coming home to rest by the fireplace after exploring Victoria’s wonderful food, drink, and outdoors scene (the location is walkable to everything) …

Cal | Hamilton, Canada

it’s a Pinterest dream board personified. So beautiful, such lovely decor, great colours, and impeccable style. It’s trendy but also timeless - there’s no way her place is anything but extraordinary. …

Camila | Vancouver, Canada

The vibe and decor exceeded my expectations. … I will definitely be staying again… Hopefully very soon. …

April | St. Albert, Canada